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33 Digital is growing and hiring. Seeking a future digital star

We launched 33 Digital just two months ago and we”ve been fortunate enough to take on some awesome and exciting work since then. With the world generally the way it is, we”re lucky blighters indeed.

Our much-loved clients we love more every day, not only because they continue to expand our remit (although that is one of the reasons we”re hiring) but they ask us to push boundaries too, and that makes for fun work. We”re also doing some barmy new digital type stuff, like train people, audit brands, optimise them on search engines, build their websites, that kind of thing. And we”ve won what has to be some of the coolest new work since our launch. Honestly. Ask anyone :)

So here”s who we”re hiring…

We”re looking for a new recruit to join the 33 Digital fold. It would be a good idea if you have had a bit of PR or marketing experience, but the right attitude to wanting work in nothing but the digital media environment is top of our list.

We”d like someone who is either starting out in this game, maybe from a different area and has something new to offer, or a seasoned pro who”s bigger and better than all of us put together. Just come and say hi and we can take it from there.

Take a look around our site, and that of our alma mater Hotwire. See if you like the look of us, as that”s pretty important too. We like to work flexi time, generous perks, we have doses of nice coffee all around us, we give you things like laptops and BlackBerries to help you get things done, and all this in , best places you could ever want to be. We would say that though wouldn”t we.

Get in touch over email, Twitter or give us a call. We share a lot online, but don”t worry, we”ll keep any conversations very private.

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