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10 driving forces of Digital Marketing 2012

Today we held an event to announce our third annual trends paper, looking at the 10 trends we believe will be essential for PR professionals in 2012.

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We’ve been looking at the newest driving forces in social media, and our top ten list for 2012 includes:

  • Interest graph
  • Putting your business on the map
  • How tablets are changing communication
  • Who are the new social media celebrities?
  • The socialising of TV and music
  • Social media and internal communications
  • How cashless payments could unlock a wave of innovation
  • Gamification
  • Forums
  • Automotive app stores

You can view and download the latest trends paper below. We hope it makes for some insightful reading and proves to be useful for all digital PRs.

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David Clare wrote this on November 23, 2011
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