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Digital PR

The core of 33 Digital’s offering is digital PR. Clients that take on 33 Digital are often looking to undertake a specialised PR campaign focusing on digital communications and social media. This spans online media relations, blogger and social media management, buzz monitoring and brand management.

Buzz, monitor & engage

Tracking what’s being said about your brand, spokespeople, products and competitors and identifying the opportunities for you to engage, maximise the positives and mitigate the negatives. This is about knowing where to look, how to track, reporting the right way and understanding, from a PR perspective, how to capitalise on what’s happening online quickly and appropriately.

Social media relations

Digital communities that steer brand perceptions are vast in number and varied in type. Harnessing the next mainstream community is your goal. 33 Digital actively engages with and manages emerging and mainstream social media communities through traditional and experimental strategies. This includes building and maintaining profiles for brands online.

Online brand auditing

You may already have a variety of online presences, but feel an outside view on your activity would give you a better understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You might be missing golden opportunities to enhance and amplify your current activity, so let us paint a picture of your online universe.

Campaign measurement

Executing on campaigns would count for nothing if the impact wasn’t measurable. Using a set of tools appropriate to each campaign, our measurement approach is to be transparent with our methods and honest with our results, as well as always being tied back into your business objectives.

Live events

Hack Days, Bar Camps and Meetups. We’ve been to our fair few over the years and have helped organise many of them. If you’re looking to get the right location at the right time and ensure that the right people are at your event, then 33 Digital the people to talk to. If you’re running an event yourself but want a bit of social media magic thrown over it to engage your audience as much as possible, we can arrange that for you too.

Social media training

Not sure where to start but sure you want to be the one who’s in charge of your brand’s online presence? Our bespoke social media training packages will get you and your team up to speed on the basics so that you can control where and how your brand behaves. Or if you’re feeling slightly behind the curve and want to know all about the next hot thing, we can take your team through it from beginning to end in a clear and coherent manner. Before you know it, your brand will be the next hot thing that everyone is talking about online.

33 Labs

Innovation is a key part of our offering and we’ve dedicated a portion of our employees’ time towards it. What does this mean? All 33′s people spend a chunk of their day every day experimenting with new technologies as part of the Labs initiative. This allows the team to play with the latest online tools and experiment with how this can bring more great services to our clients. It is this innovation which can turn good campaigns into great ones and the 33 Digital culture is fine tuned to letting this innovation blossom. For the most cutting edge strategies, a Labs campaign can be initiated full scale.