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33 at Media140

media140We had the privilege of attending Media140, billed as London”s first microblogging conference and an “independent platform for discussion, debate, workshops and press coverage of European events”. Here”s how it went, live reportage and observations by yours truly, Ben Matthews.

The inaugural event focused on ‘the future of realtime news’, bringing together journalists, bloggers, social media advocates and publishers to share and discuss the effects and impact of twitter and other social media tools on mainstream media.

I live tweeted as much of the conference as I could, which was turned into a rolling blog post by the 33 Digital team and updated throughout the afternoon so people could follow along.

I also took further notes while at the event itself, which I”ve posted below,  buteveral people and organisations have covered the event in-depth, so take a look at Joanna, Adam, Steve, Kate, Laura, Chris and Kevin”s blogs and views on the event.

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